Escolania de Montserrat: USA Tour 2017

“Ull de bou” from “Bestiolari”, composed by Albert Guinovart. Lyrics: Miquel Desclot.

Song performed in Holy Trinity Church (Georgetown – Washington DC). 2nd July 2017.
About the recording of the song: Produced and edited by Montserrat Gorina-Ysern, LLC, and Healthy Children-Healthy Oceans Foundation. Cameras by Montserrat, Connie Nkosi and Captain. Audio by Afotey Odai.
With the kind support of Montserrat Solà-Solé (Paulí Bellet Foundation), Roser Caminals-Heath, and Nuria Planas-Vilanova.

Video “USA Tour 2017” produced and edited by Marta Pons and Andreu Diport.

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